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QUIETUM PLUS: the TRUTH about tinnitus medications, relief and cure

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Are you looking for relief from tinnitus and do you want to stop your tinnitus instantly? Be very careful! There is a millionaire industry of scammers who lie to people who are desperate because of tinnitus. These scammers sell all kinds of fake medication on the internet that supposedly cures or alleviates tinnitus. It’s all a lie, and none of it has any scientific proof. By buying vitamin supplements on the internet that promise miracles related to tinnitus, you are not only wasting your money but also risking your health for no reason and being a denier.

Do you seriously have the courage to put a capsule inside your body that you have no idea what’s inside, thinking that it will cure tinnitus or your hearing loss? Come on. With all the information available today, only those who are lazy to read and research fall for these scams.

Tinnitus scammers are individuals or companies who falsely claim to offer cures or treatments for tinnitus, a condition that causes ringing or other sounds in the ears. These scammers often prey on people who are desperate for relief from the condition, which currently has no known cure. Tinnitus scammers may use a variety of tactics to lure in victims, including making unrealistic promises of a cure or claiming that their treatment is “secret” or “revolutionary.” They may also use high-pressure sales tactics, offer free trials that lead to recurring charges, or use fake testimonials to support their claims. It’s important to be skeptical of any product or service that claims to cure or treat tinnitus, especially if the claims seem too good to be true. The best way to protect yourself from tinnitus scams is to consult with a licensed healthcare professional, such as an audiologist or ENT doctor, who can provide legitimate and evidence-based treatments for tinnitus

Does tinnitus have a cure?

There is no cure for tinnitus when it’s caused by hearing loss, and most cases of ringing in the ear are caused by hearing loss. These numbers are increasing every year. According to the World Health Organization, there are 1.5 billion people worldwide with some level of hearing loss. The very first thing you must do when you have tinnitus is to schedule a visit on an ENT doctor. If your tinnitus is not a symptom of hearing loss, the doctor will help you find the correct specialist (other MD specialities) to investigate the cause.

Do QUIETUM Plus and other tinnitus ‘medications’ are reliable?

Thousands of people have come to Crônicas da Surdez in the last few months searching for tinnitus cure, relief and medications on Google. If you are desperate because of tinnitus, you are an easy prey for those who lie by selling ‘remedies’ that supposedly relieve tinnitus and even restore your hearing. It’s all a lie. Tinnitus Plus, Quietum Plus, Ear Flavonoids, Lipo Flavonoid Plus, Similasan, Tinnitus Patch, Ring Relief, Ear Ringing Remedy, Sonavil and others are just supposed vitamin compounds and NOTHING more than that. It’s not medication and it will not provide any relief of cure for your tinnitus and your hearing loss.

And the worst part is: there is no supervision, registration with ANVISA (in Brazil and probably every other countries), or anything that guarantees that you will not put your health at risk. The majority of tinnitus cases are caused by hearing loss. The first thing to do is to seek out an ear, nose, and throat specialist specialized in hearing loss. If your tinnitus has another cause, they will refer you to the appropriate specialist, okay? And furthermore: sensorineural hearing loss means that part of the hair cells in your ear have died. These cells DO NOT regenerate. So, don’t waste your time (if your tinnitus is caused by hearing loss) with physiotherapy, massages, ozone therapy, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and whatever else. Do what needs to be done: seek auditory rehabilitation with an ENT doctor and an audiologist and stop looking for miraculous cures on internet!

To avoid being fooled, talk directly to thousands of people who suffer from tinnitus at the “Clube dos Surdos Que Ouvem” (Club of Deaf People Who Hear). Don’t waste your money or put your hearing health at risk for no reason.

42 years living with tinnitus: my personal experience

My name is Paula and I have been living with tinnitus in my ear since I was very little. It is the oldest memory I have of my childhood. At 5 years old, I already complained loudly: “Mom, there’s a whistle in my ear!”. I wrote this post on a day when I had an infernal ringing in my right ear. When I woke up, it was like: “uuuuuuuuuuu”. Then, it turned into: “ihhhhhh”. Until it became a mixture of the two, and made it seem like I was in the middle of the woods at a convention of hysterical cicadas. Terrible…

Just to give you an idea, in 2010 it was estimated that tinnitus plagued the lives of 278 MILLION people worldwide. As I’ve had tinnitus for as long as I can remember, I’m more than used to it. This is very different from people who suddenly find themselves afflicted with tinnitus – I remember a friend who came to me saying that he thought he was going crazy because of the noise and was becoming depressed because of it.

Back in my day, nobody knew what that ‘whistle’ in the ear was. When I was about fifteen years old, I discovered by researching on the internet that in English it had a name: tinnitus. I went to the doctor to tell him about my discovery, which he had absolutely no knowledge of. I went back home and kept reading everything I could find on the subject.

In my case, tinnitus was always a symptom of hearing loss – in fact, the vast majority of cases have this cause. When I wore hearing aids, during the day I usually forgot about the internal noise, but when I took them off at night, the tinnitus seemed to be ten times louder and more annoying. I remember telling my mother once that I didn’t even care about the deafness (there’s denial for you haha), I just wanted to get rid of the tinnitus.

I have never personally met anyone with hearing loss who has been cured of tinnitus. I believe that tinnitus can be attenuated and that we can make our brains focus less on it when we start paying attention to other sounds. But don’t forget: tinnitus can be treated. It can also be cured in some cases. Seek out an otolaryngologist who specializes in the subject.

If anyone has been cured, please do share your experience with us in the comments of this post! We really want to know about success stories out there.


Since I was 6 years old. On the right side, it’s more acute; on the left, it’s deeper – and there are days when the order changes. When I had my first cochlear implant surgery in my right ear in 2013, I encountered a tinnitus that left me so desperate that I had to use tranquilizers until the activation. I call it the ‘chainsaw tinnitus’, because that’s exactly how it felt; it seemed as if I was sitting next to a chainsaw. It was the first time that I thought I would go insane because of this damned tinnitus. The noise made me dizzy.

After the activation of the first CI, the tinnitus began to improve. It improved a lot, but it never disappeared completely. It’s still here. Sometimes, I forget about it completely because while I’m wearing my CIs, the tinnitus doesn’t exist in my life. But when I turn them off, it’s there. I joke that it’s the most faithful companion I’ve ever had because it never leaves me alone.

Some people give advice like: ‘stop drinking alcohol’, ‘stop drinking coffee’, ‘red wine worsens it’, ‘take ginkgo biloba’. In my experience, none of these things changed my tinnitus, but each case is unique, and everyone knows their own body. However, when I’m on edge and stressed out, I notice that it worsens considerably – it seems to go along with my nervousness and increases, decreases, increases, decreases.


One of the reasons that led me to undergo the second cochlear implant surgery was that the tinnitus on the left side continued to be super-powerful, while the right side had improved considerably, and I didn’t even notice it while I was wearing the CI.

It was really annoying to have wonderful hearing on one side and a tinnitus that sounded like a cooling Opala Diplomata motor on the other.

After the activation of the second CI, the same thing happened: the tinnitus gradually improved until it reached the same level of improvement as the right side. I’m not cured, and I never will be, just as I will never stop being deaf.

Technology has helped me with both things, fortunately! The cochlear implant attenuated my constant and eternal bilateral tinnitus in a way that I never thought possible. It’s no wonder that CI is now indicated for cases of incapacitating tinnitus.


The most bizarre experience I’ve had with my tinnitus was auditory hallucinations. Right after my mother’s death, perhaps due to stress that I had never before experienced (it was the first time someone close to me had died), I had my first episode. It was very strange. I felt as if someone was holding my wrists while I was sleeping and then screamed in my ears at 200 dB! It was so scary and desperate that I woke up with my heart racing and spent two sleepless nights afterward.

I’ve had other episodes of auditory hallucinations during sleep, but my brain has already figured out that they’re hallucinations. While I’m sleeping, I hear screams that seem to come from lost souls, starting out low and gradually increasing in volume until it feels as if my head is about to explode. It’s hair-raising, and I wake up shaking. I still have them occasionally.


  1. Don’t panic Seek an otolaryngologist, preferably one with vast experience in this issue. Please seek treatment before giving up! Investigate everything about your case within your means.
  2. Talk to people who suffer from this condition – find a support group like Clube dos Surdos Que Ouvem (in portuguese). They are accustomed to it, as this is an exercise you will have to do: get used to it, to a greater or lesser degree. If your tinnitus disappears with diagnosis and treatment, that will be wonderful. But if that doesn’t happen, this is the only alternative. You can be a member of the “Surdos Que Ouvem” Group with 22,000 people with hearing loss and/or tinnitus.
  3. Beware of miraculous cure promises
  4. Use common sense.
  5. Find something that makes you relax, like meditation, yoga, stretching classes. Everything is valid.
  6. Keep living! Train your brain to pay attention to other sounds, use your hearing aids, listen to music, and don’t obsessively think about tinnitus.
  7. Don’t spend all your time complaining! Millions of people suffer from this condition, you are not alone. Adopting a pessimistic attitude 24/7 will only make things worse.


  • Hearing loss (the most common of all!)
  • Use of medications such as anti-inflammatories and antibiotics
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Hormonal changes
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Psychiatric disorders (anxiety, depression)
  • Neurological disorders
  • Muscle and cervical spine problems
  • Poor eating habits
  • Temporomandibular dysfunctions and other dental problems
  • Tumors in the auditory pathway


Paula Pfeifer is a deaf brazilian writer. Two of her books about hearing loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants can be found in english and spanish in Kindle. Support Paula Pfeifer’s work. She is a hearing rehabilitation activist in Brazil and she is deaf herself – two cochlear implants. You can support here!



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