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One of the most annoying things for someone who doesn’t listen is to become dependent on others. I don’t sleep – and no one I know sleeps – with braces, because they hurt when you put your head on the pillow. For this small reason, I depend on my mother to wake me up in the morning. No problem, a mother is a mother and will do anything annoying for her children. But when I’m traveling or when I’m alone and need to wake up anyway, it’s a real problem.

I complained about this to a couple of friends from São Paulo one day (Mi and Lu, love you!) and when I got there weeks ago, to my enormous surprise, they were waiting for me with a present. I imagined anything but that:



Guys, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life! My sleep has never been the same, now I sleep peacefully knowing that I ‘ll wake up on my own and don’t depend on anyone. I can travel in peace without having to ask someone from the hotel to come into the room and wake me up, for example. I can stay at home alone without getting anxious.

The Bellmann Clock is a special alarm clock for the deaf that can even be connected to a landline to alert you when someone calls. In addition to an audible alarm clock, the Bellmann Clock also…

Two special features:

warning light on the clock
bed-shaker accessory: connected to the clock, it should be placed under the pillow to vibrate with the alarm clock signal.

The first morning I woke up with him was memorable! The bed shaker (the vibrator you attach) is so powerful and I was so startled that I almost hit the ceiling and gave myself a heart attack. I swear! And that’s how I fell in love with him!!! A lot of emotion, you know? Anyone who listens normally must find this very strange. But for me, it was a cry for freedom!!! Never again will I have to panic about waking up too early, afraid that the person who was supposed to wake me up… won’t wake up themselves!!!

It needs to be plugged in. In the event of a power cut, it will still ‘keep the heat on’ for several hours, but you’ll need to give it a good battery charge. The warning light is eye-catching and the audible warning is increasing. But the bed shaker/vibrator is the real deal-breaker for bad listeners. The wires are very long, so you can plug them in even at the most distant sockets.

Search for it on using the words Bellman Symfon alarm clock. It’s the best and cheapest place to buy.

How do you wake up without help? 🙂


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