Let’s start the week with another short story from a Crônicas reader!

“Wow, I have a lot of hilarious stories! Today I avoid talking on the phone, I only talk to relatives and close friends (because they have the patience to repeat themselves); once I answered the phone, thought it was my cousin and said“come on, @#$%&!”… And it was a friend of my mother’s! My speech is almost normal, there’s just an “accent”, which only those who know me are able to identify as hearing-impaired. Ordinary people always ask me if I’m really from Rio de Janeiro. And whenever people ask, I know that’s why! A short while ago, the following conversation took place between me and a teacher (it was her first class for my group):

Teacher:“Are you Spanish?” (hahahaha)
Me: “No…”
Teacher: (not giving up, because she does have an accent, right?)“But are you from Rio?”
Me: “No, I’m deaf!”
She’s a mess, poor thing!

I love the blog’s initiative, I think it’s great to bring people together to share experiences and talk about a subject that’s so little talked about, and why not say it’s taboo? It would be nice to talk about prejudice, overcoming difficulties, all those things that are part of our daily lives as disabled people.

I’ve suffered a lot with my disability, and today I say I live with it very well. I even say that I wouldn’t want to exchange my “defective” hearing for normal hearing, because it’sintrinsic to me, it’ s part of me. It took years of therapy and reflection before I came to terms with myself. It’s not easy trying to overcome a disability when you suffer prejudice even within your own family. But once you get over it, it’s an incredible relief and a feeling that a new life is coming.

I’ll always read your blog, it was a great discovery!

People who also live with hearing loss, please get in touch and send us your interesting stories. This exchange of ideas and experiences is the most enriching thing there is!

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Paula Pfeifer é uma surda que ouve com dois implantes cocleares. Ela é autora dos livros Crônicas da Surdez, Novas Crônicas da Surdez e Saia do Armário da Surdez e lidera a maior comunidade digital do Brasil de pessoas com perda auditiva que são usuárias de próteses auditivas.

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