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There are 1.5 billion people worldwide with some degree of hearing loss. It means that there are A LOT of people dealing with difficult feelings, depression, isolation and shame. Deaf influencers and bloggers – or bloggers with hearing loss, it’s up to you – share their experiences, feelings, fears and tears in this journey. We are on different social media channels and some of us are talking and writing about hearing loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants for decades!

I’m a deaf influencer and blogger and I launched this blog in 2010. When I was a teenager, I had no friends with hearing loss. I was inside of the deafness closet. I didn’t want to wear my hearing aids. My deafness was a taboo. I had a big problem: bilateral severe AND progressive hearing loss. My future was supposed to be silent. I was scared.


Paula Pfeifer (Brazil)

When I became a deaf influencer and blogger, there was no one writing about these issues in my country – maybe one or two people only. I could not relate to issues such as deaf culture, sign language and things like that. I was deaf but I could hear with hearing aids, so, I decided to write about my doubts, challenges and fears. 13 years later, I’m still here, blogging every single day – and doing a lot of content creation in social media, too. Three books in three languages later (you can check my books about hearing loss here) I’m working in two new books, because I want to leave a legacy for the next generations. I’m a World Hearing Forum (World Health Organization) proud member and I lead the largest online community of people with hearing loss in Brazil. “Crônicas da Surdez” has 800 posts about every single aspect of living with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids and cochlear implants. Check my Youtube Playlist with english captions. To become a deaf blogger was one of the best decisions of my life, because it allowed me to help and transform thousands of lives.

If you have hearing loss, let me tell you something. Read posts written by deaf influencers and bloggers. The internet if full of content created by the hearing aids industry. I don’t want to relate to ableism, so, I read what people with disabilities have to say in instead of reading of the hearing industry writes.

Below, I’ll share with you some deaf bloggers whose work I admire. I’m totally into reading posts, books and great content – I’m 41, so, you won’t get me doing TikTok dancing videos or things like that. I believe in perennial content because it can help anyone anywhere in the world. I would love to have my 830 posts translated to the English, but I have some and you can check it here.

If you are a teenager, in Brazil we have some great deaf influencers on Instagram raising awaress about hearing loss and hearing rehabilitation, such as @MaluParis, @ShineBionica and many more.

Deaf influencer 1: The Mind Hears (USA)

You can find amazing content if you are a researcher on “The mind hears“. It’s made by the collaborative work of a group of people with hearing loss. It’s a brilliant work. Please check it out.

Deaf influencer 3: Katherine Bouton (USA)

Katherine is the best. She is fun and very articulated. I was reading her book the night before my first cochlear implant surgery. She is a journalist, so, her posts are impeccable and very well written.

Deaf influencer 4: Gael Hannan (Canada)

Gael wrote a great book called “The Way I hear it”. I read it many years ago, and this year she launched a second book. She has a lot of great pieces of advice to share.

Deaf influencer 5: Shari Eberts (USA)

Shari writes “Living with hearing loss” and she is an active advocate in people with disabilities field and I follow her Linkedin, too.

Deaf influencer 6: Laura (UK)

Laura writes “The invisible disability and me“. I’m sad that her last post was in 2017, but her content keeps very up to date.

Last but not least…

The new generations are creating content on Instagram and TikTok. I’ll share my favorite deaf influencers soon.

About Author

Paula Pfeifer é uma surda que ouve com dois implantes cocleares. Ela é autora dos livros Crônicas da Surdez, Novas Crônicas da Surdez e Saia do Armário da Surdez e lidera a maior comunidade digital do Brasil de pessoas com perda auditiva que são usuárias de próteses auditivas.

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